"Dr. Russo is the best prof I've ever had. He is extremely passionate about physics and his enthusiasm creates an excellent learning environment"

Introduction to Physics student

I am currently the lecturer and course coordinator of Introduction to Physics at the University of Toronto, a large 1st year course for students pursuing degrees in life science. We use Eugenia Etkina's Investigative Science Learning Environment, a modern active-learning approach based on physics education research. In 2018 and 2019 I was professor of astronomy at Seneca College where I taught a course on the deep connections between music and astronomy. Students learned the foundations of astronomy, music, and computer programming and created their own music using astronomical data.

While completing my graduate degrees I taught senior math, physics and chemistry at The Dragon Academy, a progressive alternative school with a Socratic discussion-based approach.

I have also led several professional development workshops designed to help high school teachers incorporate inquiry-based astronomy activities into their classrooms.