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Teaching & Outreach

University of Toronto

I'm an Assistant Professor Teaching Stream and TA Coordinator at U of T. I enjoy teaching The Physics of Everyday Life and am the course and practical coordinator for 2nd year physics for engineers. I have also been an instructor and coordinator for Introduction to Physics I & II, U of T's largest 1st year physics course. Highlights (for me) include launching an arrow and playing with a flaming Ruben's tube in Convocation Hall.

Matt Russo in front of UofT's Convocation Hall.
Matt Russo talking to a 5th grade class about TRAPPIST-1.


I love sharing and interacting with explorers of all ages through my public and private talks. I have also been a planetarium presenter at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics where I created Our Musical Universe

Seneca College

In 2018-2019 I was professor of astronomy at Seneca College where I taught a course on the deep connections between music and astronomy. Students learned the foundations of astronomy, music, and computer programming and created their own music using astronomical data.

Screenshot of an article in Now magazine about Matt's course on Astronomy and Music.
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